Fresh Rain Water Capture in California

To collect rain water, you need to select rain barrels made for rain capture.

  2. Should be easy to install with a modular design to expand capacity by simply linking multiple barrels
  3. Barrels should installed at least 6 inches above ground for gravity discharge or to allow filling a bucket
  4. Barrels stand can be made out of two 2×6 pressure treated lumber custom cut to size sitting on concrete blocks
  5. Barrel spigot should be bronze not plastic Barrel top/cover should be easy to open for cleaning
  6. Barrel filter should be easy to clean and prevents mosquitoes from going in Install overflow hose to divert excess water to a diverter away from the foundation
  7. A good rain can fill three barrels connected to each other in two days
  8. Some Water Districts offer rebates. You need to submit an application before you start your project for approval.
  9. Lastly, you will have fresh rain water to use in your garden during the summer and you save on water bill.

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