(Referred in the Uniform Rental Policies Statement as "Co-Signer")

Instructions: Print out a copy of this form, complete all sections, and deliver to the American West Properties office. Individual applications required from each occupant 18 years of age or older.

In consideration of the execution of the rental Agreement for the premises located at:
by and between "American West Properties" and _____________________________________________
"Resident", and for valuable consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned:
___________________, herein referred to as "Guarantor", does hereby guarantee unconditionally to Owner, Owner’s agent, and/or including Owner’s successor and assigns, the prompt payment by Resident of the rent or any other sums which become due pursuant to the Rental Agreement, including any and all court costs or attorney’s fees in enforcing the Rental Agreement.

In the event of the breach of any terms of the Rental Agreement by the Resident, Guarantor shall be liable for any damages, financial or physical, caused by Resident, including any legal fees incurred in enforcing the Rental Agreement.

This Guarantee may be immediately enforced by Owner or Owner’s designated representative upon any default by resident and an action against Guarantor may be brought at any time without first seeking recourse against Resident.

The insolvency of Resident or nonpayment of any sums from Resident may be deemed a default giving rise to action by Owner or Owner’s agent against Guarantor.

If any legal action or other proceeding is brought by any party to enforce any part of this Guarantee, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys fees and costs incurred.

This Guarantee does not confer a right to possession of the premises by Guarantor, and Owner is not required to serve Guarantor with any notices to terminate or to perform covenants, including any demand for payment of rent, prior to Owner proceeding against Guarantor for Guarantor’s obligations under this guarantee.

Unless released in writing by Owner, Guarantor shall remain obligated by the terms of this Guarantee for the entire period of the tenancy as provided by the Rental Agreement and for any extensions or holdovers granted pursuant thereto.

To verify your signature, please have this form notarized or INCLUDE A COPY OF YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE.

Signature of Guarantor:__________________________ Print Name: _______________________________

Address:_________________________________ City:________________ State:_____Zip:______________

Social Security #:__________________ Drivers Lic #:_______________ Date of Birth:______________

Relationship to Tenant:_____________________________ Home Phone:____________________

Employer:_________________________________________ Employer’s Phone #:____________________

Employer Address:____________________________ City:__________________ State:___ Zip:________

Gross Monthly Income:$_______________ Date of Signature:______________________________

I accept this Agreement:

________________________________________________________ Date:______________________
Agent for American West Properties

In signing this form, you hereby give American West Properties the right to obtain a credit report and income verification.


Revised 12/1/2008