July 25, 2024

Land Development/Brokerage The value of the land is determined by its location, size, access, shape, utility, improvements, topography, soil type, natural resources, mineral rights etc. .... Only a competent land broker can determine its value! ....

American West Properties' "Build-to-Suit Program" was developed to meet our clients' needs. When our clients want a specific property that is not available in the market, we propose building new as an alternative. The typical reactions we get are as follows:

Building can be a challenge for people who are not familiar with land development and construction. American West Properties makes it easy by finding the land, the architect, the contractor and even the construction loan, all in one package. We can assist to build your plan or choose one of ours. With seasoned professionals on your side every step of the way, the project becomes very doable!
American West Properties primary asset is site location selection and analysis which includes Environmental Impact (EIR), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Government Building Regulations (Federal, State and Local), access (ingress & egress) and proximity to utilities. We have strategic alliances with leading California planners, architects, interior designers and contractors. Resources are available for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. Our alliances allow us to choose the right companies to suit the requirements of every project depending on the size and type of the project.

We can take the project as far as you would like us to take it. Most of the arduous tasks are handled by our company - all you need to do is to prepare your requirements and contact American West Properties.

American West Properties is a one-stop shop for your build-to-suit needs!

The Five Pillars of Earth Advantage Certifications


By using high performance equipment and increased insulation, the home’s monthly energy bills can be significantly lower than those of a traditionally built home, saving you money from the day you move in. The home’s reduced energy needs will cause fewer carbon emissions and require less fossil fuel. Comfort is also improved by increased air sealing of the home, which reduces drafts. 


Indoor air plays a major role in overall health and lifestyle. the home contains fewer products that off-gas harmful chemicals. It also incorporates a ventilation  and filtration system that reduce airborne contaminants, diminishing the chances of allergies, asthma, and other more serious health risks.


Development Practices used during the construction of the home diminish land degradation and deforestation, promote healthy landscapes, reduce waste, and prevent potential erosion associated with lot development during the construction process. 


New home construction and upkeep depend heavily on natural resources. The use of locally manufactured products is encouraged, because they are environmentally responsible and durable. This helps the environment by reducing the amount of future materials needed to maintain the home.


the home was built using water-wise technologies that help lower utility bills and reduce the total amount of water needed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Water shortages are a primary concern in the 21st century, and the home addresses water conservation needs.


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