July 25, 2024

Business Advisory Services & Location Assistance

Rick Chehab is the founder of AmericanWest.Biz. He is a certified Business Advisor with the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Center with many years of experience. AmericanWest.Biz's "One-Stop Advisory ServicesProgram" was developed to meet our clients' needs. When our clients want to locate or relocate into Silicon Valley, they usually need help to find a place of business and other related services such as: :

Starting a business or relocating a business into Silicon Valley can be a challenge for people who are not familiar with the business environment and laws of the various government agencies. AmericanWest.Biz makes it easy by finding the business location, hiring the employees, the business setup and even the funding, all in one package. We can assist to meet your business plan goals and make the job doable!

AmericanWest.biz can take the project as far as you would like us to take it. We can even provide you with business networking opportunities in Silicon Valley. Most of the arduous tasks are handled by our company. All you need to do is to contact us and we can join your team to get your business up and running!

American West Properties is a one-stop shop for your business startup and location assistance!


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